Monique, 58 years young
We love fair and true products and harmony in colors. That's why we chose a vintage rug. We have lots of colors at home. Orange furniture, slab closets and so on. The unique vintage carpet has added warmth and atmosphere to our interior.

We have experienced the Dostcha Living way of thinking as well. Sev, the owner, helped us well. Customer interest is her top priority. It all felt very familiar.
Meral, 43 years young
We have never had a carpet in the house because we have underfloor heating. But we knew: if one comes, it will be vintage. A rug with a story that suits our personal wishes. That makes such a rug very special.

This carpet will stay with us for a very long time! We are very pleased with the color scheme and are happy we made the right choice. We were surprised by so many possibilities.

The carpet added value into our interior. I'm already thinking about another one! It is beautiful and durable. The contact with Dostcha Living was relaxed and friendly.
Phyllis, 48 years young
We live in the green heart in Utrecht / The Netherlands. After 10 years we thought it was time for a little restyling of our living room. We replaced our red couch by a slightly less "fiery" copy. Thus, more space was created to change the color of the seating area.

A carpet of Dostcha Living forms the basis of this change. We have now a vintage carpet in gray blue and aqua tones. This carpet has added both color and intimacy to our seating area. We have chosen the possibility to add "old" to our further modern house, without being old-fashioned. In addition, we could customize this carpet. Very practical for the different sizes of more than 3 x 4 meters. An additional advantage: a vintage carpet is not a long pile carpet. That significantly reduces the amount of dust and dog hair in the seating area!

We are very pleased with our purchase, but certainly with all the help we received from Sev. Absolutely great!
Onur, 43 years young
We have paid a lot of care and attention to our interior, but it was not finished yet. Especially the lack of a carpet was a thorn in my eye. We have been looking a long time for a carpet but could not find anything special and unique. Till we discovered Dostcha Living.

We were in love with these beautiful rugs telling a story and giving us a personal warm feeling. In retrospect, I can say that I missed the warm feeling and the homeliness in our sleek and modern interior. A vintage carpet would make it complete.

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