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Working in an inspiring office space

Working in an inspiring
office space

We believe that employees who work in a homely, attractive and inspiring space, where they feel comfortable, are more productive. Do you agree with us?

Many of us spend many hours in the office or in a business environment. It must be nice to work in a space that feels good, right? With vintage rugs, you can transform an empty space into a pleasant environment within seconds.

By mixing and matching materials, colors and styles you can create a unique and personal atmosphere. Vintage rugs can strengthen this atmosphere in offices, waiting or meeting rooms. The rugs radiate warmth and uniqueness that enhance the identity of your company.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options.
Why a vintage rug is also suitable for an office

Why a vintage rug is also suitable for an office

A vintage rug has an authentic look and, in addition to the warm atmosphere for your project, the following benefits:

  • It is made of wool, so fire retardant;
  • It can mark out (afkaderen) a large space, creating a cozy corner;
  • It can damp the acoustics because it does not reflect sound. This is often very desirable especially in large areas;
  • It can be hung to a large wall. By doing so, you can provide ambience and obviously better acoustics;
  • It can give people at work a homely feeling
In some countries, the costs are tax deductible. Not unimportant either! Check whether this is the case in your country.


We work with multiple vendors and have access to thousands of unique vintage rugs. You can choose from our range or contact us if you would like to have advice. Delivery from our range takes place within three weeks.

Special sizes
Do you need a rug with special sizes for large rooms or in specific colors? We are happy to be your partner in custom-made vintage rugs, that we can make almost in every desired size. Delivery of custom-made rugs takes place within six weeks.

We would like to take into account that colors can appear differently in reality than on the screen of your computer. Return claims based on color are therefore not taken into consideration or accepted. In addition, it is not possible to return custom-made rugs. We rely on your understanding.




Company: Creative Valley

What has the vintage rug added to the interior?
We have a pavilion where meetings and where inspiration sessions are held. We wanted to give this space more warmth. The beautiful vintage rug has given this extra warmth. It is now complete.

What is your experience with Dostcha Living?
Seval thinks in a professional way about how everything works best. She and her supplier looked for a solution for the power strip in the floor. It was a very pleasant collaboration with an eye for detail!

Company: Good Company

What has the vintage rug added to the interior?
We have an anthracite-colored floor covering. That is wonderful, but also contagious and cool. The rug immediately made the room much warmer and dressed. We get a lot of postive comments from people who visit us. Also because Seval helped us to make it fit nicely in the room in terms of color.
What is your experience with Dostcha Living?
Very good, professional support in choosing a rug. Very good advice. I had not immediately picked out the rug that we bought. I had a bit more intense color in my head, but I'm very happy that I listened to Seval's advice. The rug fits perfectly and creates cohesion in the space in a quiet way.

Before and after photos
The entrance hall of a collective building in Arnhem / The Netherlands

Before and after photos
Seating area school staff Amsterdam / The Netherlands

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