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As you start to walk on the way, the way appears. (Rumi)

Meet dostcha living

Meet dostcha living

Merhaba, Hello,

My name is Seval. Born in Turkey and raised in the Netherlands. After my study and working life for many years, I decided to resign and start doing what makes me really happy. So I became an entrepreneur in selling old, authentic and unique rugs.

"A logical choice, given her Turkish background," you may think. But this is certainly not the only reason why I chose vintage rugs. The respect and appreciation for the creators who have woven a rug decades ago, the story that a handcrafted rug tells and the beauty of these rugs attracted me to this industry. Every vintage rug lover knows exactly what I mean.

Dostcha Living is a family business. I’m the owner, "The Auntie", and my nieces and nephews help me. Rob, a dear friend of mine for many years, is the social media expert and a part of the company. With Dostcha Living my dream of becoming an entrepreneur, travelling and giving something back to society has come true. Giving back is done by supporting foundations that make education accessible to children. From each sold rug we make a payment to these foundations to increase the chances of children.

Our company is called Dostcha Living. That's no coincidence. The Turkish word 'dostca' means "friendly, amicable." And that's exactly how we treat our customers and partners.

We hope your journey on our site will be pleasant and you will enjoy the beautiful stories as well as our beautiful rugs.

Friendly greetings,
Dostca selamlar,



Our mission is to help you to create a living environment with unique home accessories that reflects you personally as well as your personality in a positive and pleasant way.


Animated living is in our opinion being surrounded by an interior that reflects the unique personality of the occupant(s). Dostcha Living is the linking pin between residents and the unique home accessories that give an interior warmth and inspiration. We focus primarily on the eye-catcher in any room: the (vintage) rug. Our rugs are one of a kind and have their own story. Like you have.

By offering a great amount of unique rugs, we are convinced that you can find the unique rug that suits best to your personality and interior.


  • Personal
  • Sincere
  • Authenthic
  • Timeless
  • Unique


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