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Rose kelims



When talking about rose kelims, you are talking about Moldova. A large part of our product range comes from Moldavia, near the Black Sea. Moldavian rose kelims are different from Turkish kelims. Instead of geometric shapes, the rugs have flowery shapes and motifs. Most of the time, the flowers are woven on a dark background.

Like all our other rugs, rose kelims are also unique; there is no identical carpet. You will possess a truly unique and rare item when you purchase one of these rugs, as genuine Moldavian Karabah Kelims are getting harder to find. If you want a specific size, please feel free to let us know so we can help you finding the perfect rose kelim for you.

Rose kelim as
a mural

Rose kelims are made of 100% wool. They are between 40 and 60 years old and are woven by hand. Kelims are woven loosely, which makes them thinner and lighter in weight than vintage rugs. Rose kelims were mainly used as murals at the time to keep the warmth inside and make the walls colorful. Because the quality of the materials were so good and because they were used as murals, the rose kelims still look beautiful after many years. It’s like art. Rose kelims fit well with different interior styles. From rural to modern, from bold to elegant.

Below you will find a range of rose kelims that we have selected for you. These can be delivered within 14 working days.

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