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vintage PATCHWORK rugs

Unique combination of various rugs


Recycling just took a beautiful new turn. Our collection of vintage patchwork rugs are handknotted and fashioned from sections of Turkish rugs ranging from 50 to 80 years old. These rugs have been cut into smaller pieces and sewn together in new unique designs and sizes. Colors and designs are specially chosen for their harmonic qualities. They've then been overdyed with vibrant tones to produce a contemporary look.

The backside of the rug is cotton fabric and the edges have been handsewn. Each rug is truly unique and does not have an identical copy.


Vintage patchwork rugs are made of 100% wool and woven by hand. The quality of the materials used is so good, that the carpets still look magnificent after many years.

Below are the vintage patchwork rugs that we have selected for you. These can be delivered within 14 working days.

Patchwork rugs lend themselves well to custom-made rugs and can be made into almost any desired size.

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